Glass Art Studio & Gallery

Wild Roses

Four Peacock Windows

Installation of four commissioned windows for a private home.

Stained Glass.


Pendant from beaten and enameled copper, Tibetan silver, fine silver, and a seashell.

Hand sawed, torch enameled, cold connections.


About  Wild Roses

Wild Roses is an art studio and gallery located on Willapa Bay in lovely Nahcotta,

Washington. It's the studio-home of artist and crafter Cecilia Cohen.

Cecilia was born and raised in northern California. In 1979 she moved to Israel where she lived almost 35 years before relocating to the United States in 2014. Her immediate and extended family is blessed with many talented and creative people; Cecilia's childhood was filled with crafts, music, and poetry. As a young wife and stay-at-home mother in Jerusalem she studied drawing, illustration, and paper cutting at a local museum, completed a course in the art of writing for children, and composed music.

From 1995 Cecilia experimented freely with new craft materials and techniques while working day jobs to support her family; she painted murals, built furniture, and worked in a ceramics factory. Several years later, when working in hi-tech, she took a glass art class and learned the fundamentals of stained glass, which quickly became the focus of her creative work. Two years after her first stained glass session Cecilia launched Glass & Light, Israel as an almost full-time artist, supplementing her income by working as a beekeeper and cattle-ranch manager and, much later, as a translator and copyeditor. In Israel she was also a popular teacher and business coach, helping other artists define their business goals and discover new ways to market their work. In 2011 Quarry published Cecilia's first book, The Glass Artist's Studio Handbook, followed by a novel for teens, Rahel, like Rachel from the Bible.

Today Cecilia's portfolio is ever-expanding. Her primary focus is stained glass and lampworking; she also pieces mosaics, designs knitwear, knots micro-macrame, works with paper and textiles, shoots photographs, and designs and crafts metal and glass jewelry.

Examples of her work can be viewed and purchased in her studio. Special projects can be commissioned. Most of her work is sold online to clients in the Americas, Europe, and Oceania. Through glass art she has met a wonderful variety of artists, clients, and studio visitors, many of whom have become good friends.